Sunday, 30 October 2016

Miss Kirkham's Last Day

On Friday it was Miss Kirkham's last day in Room 13!!!

She has been a fantastic teacher and we have loved every minute of her being with us.

 We had a few games to celebrate Miss Kirkham's last day. We played musical chairs, corners, musical statues, pass the kiwi and sang some songs. It was SO much fun. 

Thank you for being such an awesome teacher Miss Kirkham and thank you for the goodie bags with the pencils, rubbers and stamps. You were very kind.

We miss Miss Kirkham already but she has promised to pop in to see us once her exams are finished.

Mrs Burge's daughters, Emily and Lydia came to visit

Emily and Lydia came to visit us on Tuesday. They had a teacher only day so Mrs driver very kindly said that they could come and help in Room 13.
We had lots of fun, Reading, Writing and playing together. Lunch time play was the most fun, playing together on the playground.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Playground Safety

We have been learning about Playground Safety, talking about how we need to be careful in the playground.
 Go UP the stairs and DOWN the side. 
 DO NOT stand under the pole when someone is coming down.
 The softfall does not hurt when you fall on it. The concrete DOES hurt. 
 Be careful of the poles. Watch where you are going.
DO NOT run around corners. 
 DO NOT climb over the bars of the boat playground.
DO NOT walk through the flying fox when someone is using it. 

We have loved having Miss Kirkham as our teacher.

Miss Kirkham has been teaching us. We have loved watching Miss Kirkham learning new skills. We will miss her when she is not here. We have one more week together. 

 Miss Kirkham was funny when she was pretending to be Mother Kangaroo from our big book. We asked lots of questions starting with Why? Who? What? Where? When? 
 Miss Kirkham is very clever with Maths. She loved teaching us our basic facts.
 Reading with Miss Kirkham is lots of fun too. We always try our best. 

Miss Kirkham has been taking a Maths group to work on Place Value. They are getting very clever at understanding Hundreds, Tens and Ones in BIG numbers and how to explain strategies when the solve addition and subtraction problems. 

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Onesie Mufti Day

On the last day we had a onesie mufti day. We loved doing our work in our onesies or our mufti. It was lots of fun.

Farewell Mrs Rinckes

We all had to say goodbye to Mrs Rinckes on the last day. It was very sad. Mrs Rinckes will be missed at Sunnyhills School.


As part of our topic, we talked about what would happen to our clothes if we put them in the wash and hung them out to dry. Some of us predicted the water would fall onto the ground and make a puddle and some of us predicted that the water would disappear. What do you think really happened to the water?

Celebration Assembly

We had a great time watching the Celebration Assembly. The Kapa Haka Group, Music Group, Dance Groups were all amazing. It was lot's of fun.