Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Lucky Room 13

Wow,we have been a lucky class. We won the Whole School Assembly cup on Friday for being the smartest and quietest class in assembly, then we won the Lunch Eating cup on Monday for being so quiet. Unbelievably, today we won the Lunch eating cup again!!! That's three days in a row! GO ROOM 13!!!!


  1. Wow Room 13, you are all SUPER STARS! Awesome work, you guys ROCK!

  2. I have been very privileged to spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Room 13.....the BEST 3 days ever. You guys are so nice to be with...you are so friendly, loving and share so much. I have found out that you all play together at morning tea and lunch time. I was so happy when you all came and found me on Monday when I was looking for my charge. I have never seen so many children running to help me out! What a great day...ps loved the sandpit :) Looking forward to Thursday and Friday....You all have made me week at Sunnyhills very special .......Mrs Gilmer :)

  3. You rock room 13. I heard you've been getting the lunch eating trophy too...you really are the best. Congrats Mrs Burge