Friday, 24 June 2016

STRIKE Percussion Group

Yesterday we were very lucky to have the STRIKE Percussion Group performing for our school. They were amazing to watch and listen to. They were so very clever at playing the drums, the marimba and the cymbals.They even made music with fire!!!! Our lovely Miss Kirkham was asked to go on stage and her STRIKE name was 'Wonderwoman'!!! She did a fantastic job! Thank you to all of the parents for paying for STRIKE to come to our school. It was a fantastic performance and inspiring for the children to watch such talented people playing the instruments and making music.


  1. Wow that must have been really fun room 13. Lockie told me it was really loud but he thanked me so much for paying for him to go because he loved it. From Chantelle

  2. Hi room 13 how loud did you think that was? well I thought that was really loud I enjoyed it so much though there were lots of interesting instruments I have never heard of bye room 13.