Thursday, 4 August 2016

ASB Get Wise - Financial Literacy Session

Today we had Julian from the ASB Bank in Room 13 to teach us about money. He taught us a rhyme that goes 'Speed to your need, Wait for your wants.' He dressed up as a superhero and told us some very funny stories about what we need compared to what we want. We learnt about notes and coins. We ordered the notes and the coins from the highest value to the lowest value.


  1. How wonderful to have super hero Julian come and teach you all about money, it looks like a lot of fun and you learnt lots of interesting things about money.

  2. From Srinitha

    We learn't that different coins have different colors so that it makes easier to sort out.

  3. Franca told me all anout this..less wants, more needs.

  4. Hi Room 13
    Did Super Hero Julian teach you something new.
    You are so lucky to meet a money super hero

  5. Hi Room 13
    I hear that you have been learning about money.
    I see on those photos that you saw a super hero.
    Room 13 are very lucky to see a money super hero.
    I wish I was as lucky as Room 13.
    Did you learn anything new about money?

  6. Julian came to teach us about money. He also told us a fish story, he was funny. by: Franca.